18.04.2017 |

Literary event “Ilinden 2017” begins

Ilinden municipality holds literary event “Ilinden 2017” on April 18-22.

16.02.2017 |

Ilinden Mayor: Investments decreased unemployment to 6%

Zika Stojanovski, Mayor of the Ilinden municipality, said that the latest 33 foreign investments have helped to bring the unemployment to a record down of 6 percent. In his work report, Stojanovski said that a total of 180 new plants and factories were opened in Ilinden since 2008, allowing the municipality to invest strongly in infrastructure.

09.09.2016 |

Bridge in Mralino will be build

Within the project "Construction and rehabilitation of 10 bridges",the construction of the entrance to Mralino, street "1", is ongoing: construction of reinforced concrete plate bridge with a length of 8 meters and a width of also 8 meters . Road will be 6 meters wide, and on both sides of the road will be constructed sidewalks width of one meter.

28.07.2016 |

Ilinden Ethno Fest

In light of national holiday Ilinden and the 20. anniversary of thenamesake municipality, a festival of Macedonian songs “Ilinden EthnoFest” will be held monastery complex “St.Gjorgjija” in village Deljadrovcion Thursday.Renowned folk singers will perform at the event, which is held for thethird year running.

22.06.2016 |

Economic Chamber of Macedonia and Ilinden municipality to Launch Business Club

Ilinden municipality and the Economic Chamber of Macedonia are to sign memorandum of cooperation on establishment of business club in the municipality and strengthening economy at local level.

09.03.2016 |

New Turkish investment in Ilinden

Turkish company “Atay Mac” will export organic fruit and vegetables from the distribution center in Ilinden industrial zone, which construction was launched on Wednesday.

02.02.2016 |

Italian Group Vitillo Opens Second Factory in Bunardzik

Italian group Vitillo will provide 100 new job openings with the second factory line opened on Monday in TIDZ Bundardzik. The investment is worth around EUR 10 milion.

07.12.2015 |

US Company "Cap-Con" Opens New Plant In Bunardzik

New factory for inflators of airbags, ARC Automotive Macedonia was launched on Monday in the Technologic-Industrial Development Zone in Bunardzik "Skopje 1".

21.10.2015 |

Austrian company “Texport” to build facility in Ilinden municipality

The cornerstone of a new facility of Austrian textile company “Texport”will be laid in Marino­Kadino economic zone in Ilinden municipality onWednesday.The company, which manufactures protective clothing, will invest aboutEUR 3,5 million and open 400 jobs.Ilinden Mayor Zika Stojanovski and “Texport” owner Otmar Schneider areset to attend the event.

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