03.11.2016 |

Realization of capital investments in Ilinden municipality

Ilinden municipality continues with intensive capital investments in several areas that contribute to improving the living conditions and living standards and enabling better quality of life of citizens.

06.10.2016 |

Construction of sewage system continues

Within the project for construction of sewage treatment plants and canalization, the construction of one more segment with a water treatment plant (capacity of 1,250 Equivalent/capita) and a system for collecting and treatment of wastewater in Marino is ongoing.

03.10.2016 |

Rehabilitation of the local road in Kadino

Општина Илинден во рамките на Проектот за подобрување на локалната патна инфраструктура, врши комплетна рехабилитација на локалниот пат на улица „10“ во н.м. Кадино, во вкупна должина од 1.100 метри.

11.07.2016 |

Ilinden Municipality Gets First Private Nursing Home

A new nursing home opened Sunday in Ilinden municipality. The home was constructed as part of the existing home in settlement Cento, which has been working for six years.

28.06.2016 |

'Eco Club' Company Makes EUR 1.5 Million Investment in Ilinden

A foundation laying ceremony for new investment by ‘Eco Club’ company will be held Tuesday in free economic zone Ilinden. The company is to construct first logistics center for Hungarian products in Macedonia.

25.11.2015 |

New domestic investment of 6.5 million euro in Ilinden opens 200 jobs

Macedonian company invested 6.5 million euro in new plant for production of croissants will open 90 new jobs in the manufacturing plant and 110 jobs in the distribution network.

27.10.2014 |

New Investments to Open 500 Jobs in Ilinden

New investments worth EUR 10 million will open 500 jobs in Ilinden municipality.

03.09.2014 |

7 attractive parcels for investment in Ilinden

The municipality of Ilinden announced 7 attractive locations of construction land for new investments in the Economic Zone Ilinden. 

01.04.2014 |

Macedonia’s Education Ministry to Link Vocational Schools and Companies

The Education Ministry will connect vocational high schools and companies, in an attempt to provide apprenticeships for students at the companies and an easier access to the labor market.

To that end, the Ministry has created an email address

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