Realization of capital investments in Ilinden municipality

Published on: 03.11.2016 - 17:02

Ilinden municipality continues with intensive capital investments in several areas that contribute to improving the living conditions and living standards and enabling better quality of life of citizens.
Intensive investments in the road infrastructure contribute to sustainable local economic and social development and providing favorable conditions for the entry of domestic and foreign investments.
-In Terms of the safety of pedestrians and cyclists as road users Ilinden municipality is continuously investing in the construction and reconstruction of pedestrian and bicycle paths. The realization of this project covers the busiest places in the municipality or the main streets of the entrance to the settlement Ilinden, through Marino and Kadino. By the end of the year, this project aims the safety of pedestrians and cyclists will culminate with built 15 km pedestrian and bicycle paths.
Beside the pedestrian-recreation path with a bicycle path, the path for roller and skateboards along the street "532" Marino - KADINO "length of 2 km, which invested 30 million, of which 18 million are from the Budget of the Municipality of Ilinden, 12 million are provided by the Agency for financial support of agriculture and rural development.
-Investing in communal infrastructure is vital for local economic development, improvement of investment climate and quality of life in the Municipality.
"Construction of a canalization system for collecting, treatment and disposal of wastewater tand a reatment plant in the township Marino; Segment length of 4,000 meters sewer system and wastewater treatment plant with a capacity of 1250 equivalent / inhabitants, thus creating conditions for the capture of waste water from 330 households.


Value of the project is 30 million.Along with the finished 4 segments of the sewerage system with wastewater treatment plants, in Marino, Kadino in Ilinden, covering 1,400 households, or 5,000 people, and the total investment for these segments is 130 million MKD.Treatment plants are fully automated and are modular systems that take up little space, have low power consumption and can be upgraded in line with the increase of the capacity of the population equivalent.This is the concept implemented by the Municipality of Ilinden using small treatment plants for acceptance, treatment and disposal of sewage.-Two New Houses of Culture to November 15 will be built in the settlements Marino and Miladinovci. The total investment for the two identical houses of culture which lie in an area of ​​360 square meters, is 26 million MKD.
This is a continuation of the capital project "Construction, rehabilitation and reconstruction of 10 houses of culture" that were constructed, reconstructed and equipped 10 Houses of Culture. The realization of this capital project all 12 settlements will have cultural centers, which will encourage citizen participation in local government.In the next period Ilinden municipality with the same intensity will continue to invest in infrastructure development will continue with the implementation of capital projects and creating new values ​​for better Ilinden municipality.

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