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Each year the Municipality organizes the “International Literature Meeting Ilinden”, with poets from Macedonia and abroad. The organization celebrated its 10th Anniversary in 2009. The engagement of the organization of the meeting grows every year and gives also possibilities for pupils and newcomers to present their work.

The Ilinden Municipality celebrates its Saint's day on 2nd of August – the St. Ilias Day.
There are 8 churches on the territory of Ilinden Municipality, as follows:

  • St. Elena and Kostadin (Ilinden),
  • St. Pokrov Na Presveta Bogorodica (Mralino),
  • St. Ilija The Saint (Kadino),
  • St. Troica (Marino),
  • St. Spas (Mrshevci),
  • St. Petka (In the complex of hotel Belvi),
  • St. Bogorodica (Bujkovci),
  • St. Ilija (Miladinovci).

There are also two monasterial complexes on the territory of Ilinden Municipality, as follows:
The St.Petar and Pavle monastery located in Ajvatovci and the St.Gjorgji monstery in Deljadrovci..
The monasterial complex of Deljadrovci built in 1921 which includes the following churches:

  • St.Gjorgji-monastery church
  • St.Petka and St.Nedela
  • St.Arhangel Mihail and Gavril
  • St.Zlata Meglenska
  • St. Mala Bogorodica.

This monasterial complex is a unique one in the Polog-Kumanovo diocese. Every year there are three large people gathering events in the monasterial complex of Deljadrovci – 6. May is the celebration of Gjurgjovden and 21. September is the celebration of the birth of the Mother of God. Also the Municipality celebrates its Saint's Day at this wonderful location. 

The monasterial complex also has a pilgrim accommodation as well as a restaurant with traditional Macedonian dishes.

A full reconstruction of the monasterial complex has been carried out in 2002 as well as reconstructions of the fresco painting on some of the churches located in this monasterial complex.



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