Published on: 23.07.2009 - 00:22

The main problem, the lack of a canalisation network, was defined by the population of the Ilinden Municipality and the realisation for constructing a netwrok has begun with the elaboration of the study for a canalisation network. This problem was also defined in the Local Action Plan for the environment protection.

With the construction of the canalisation the quality of life for the population will be improved and this is one of the next steps for the municipality to grow into a urban municipality.
The works on the canalisation begun in 2008, and on the 30th of July, 2009 the first finished segment of the canalisation will be opened for operation in Marino.

The canalisation network is splitted in small independet segments including a own sewage work, therefore a segment can be finished and function independently.
Financial help for the study in a ammount of 50,000€ was given by the Swedish international Agency for cooperation and development SIDA and from the budget of the municipality in a ammount of 25,000€.


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