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Published on: 14.07.2009 - 22:36

As an independent local self-government unit, the Municipality of Ilinden was established in 1996. The current territory was previously part of the Gazi Baba Municipality which is a part of the Capitol of the City of Skopje.
The total area of the Municipality is 97,02 km², the total number of inhabitants according to the last National Census carried out in 2002 is 15.894. The Municipality of Ilinden is located in the immediate vicinity of the City of Skopje, more precisely 10km from the City Center and located on the eastern part of the Skopje valley, on the Skopje-Kumanovo-Veles triangle. The Municipal headquarters are located in the locality of Ilinden.

It borders the Municipality of Gazi Baba to the west, the Municipality of Arachinovo to the northwest, the Municipality of Kumanovo to the east and the Municipality of Petrovec to the Southeast.
The territory of the Ilinden Municipality is located between 230 and 550 meters above the sea level. The terrain configuration is mostly flat 80% and the remaining 20% are small hills in the north and east areas.
The Municipality of Ilinden includes 12 populated areas, as follows:
Ilinden, Marino, Kadino, Mralino, Ajvatovci, Bunardzik, Miladinovci, Bujkovci, Mrshevci, Buchinci, Tekija and Deljadrovci.

According to the last national Census carried out in 2002, the total population is 15.894 which live in 4.298 households in an average of 3,7 members in one family.
The population density is 150 people per km². The natural population growth in the last 5 years is an average of 1% per year.

Overview 1. Total population number according to populated areas, households and apartments in the Municipality of Ilinden according to the 2002 National Census results.

Overview 2. Age structure of the total number of people in the Municipality of Ilinden according to the results from 2002 National Census.

  • Coat of Arms

The Municipality of Ilinden has its own flag and coat of arms which were adopted in the time when the Municipality was established in 1996.


  • P rofile

The Municipality of Ilinden issued a Profile containing general and detailed informations.


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